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"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

By William Shakespe are

One of the greatest plays ever written, Shakespeare’s signature tragedy unfolds a story of corruption, revenge and deceit, revolving around the Prince of Denmark and his self-destructive desire for vengeance against the man who murdered his father. To be, or not to be; that is the question Hamlet must answer for himself.    

Hamlet is Shakespeare’s most frequently produced play, it is one of the most quoted works in the English language. The play has been adapted for the movies more than any other Shakespeare play, dating back to the early 1900’s.

"As an actor you just don't get language better than this.  Every time I feel like I'm close to unpacking and understanding a moment or a speech or a scene, it explodes into something twenty times bigger than what I thought it was.  And that's okay.  Shakespeare is unparalleled for this kind of thing, and it is simply the best material out there. – Aubrey Deeker, actor playing the role of Hamlet.

Hamlet asks for some delightfully challenging violence. It is peppered with sudden acts and flashes of physical action as well as internal character struggles with those actions. I find it a gripping play to work on every time and our current cast and setting should keep the audience leaned in. The final sword fight is one of Shakespeare's finest and we have been playing with it almost every day since rehearsals started. Aubrey (Hamlet) and Jacob (Laertes) swash a mean buckle and should deliver an excellent climax to the piece.” - Geoffrey Kent, Fight Director

“As a young instructor, over a period of five years, I taught two sections a semester of an introduction to theatre course that included Hamlet as required reading.  Over those five years, I fell more and more in love with the gorgeous richness of the language in the play and with Hamlet's amazing journey. But it was not until many years later that I got to design my first Hamlet – with Kent Thompson and Bob Schmidt (set designer) at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. It still remains one of my favorite and most fulfilling design experiences. So I am especially pleased to return to work on Hamlet here at DCPA with the same collaborators – the play remains new, completely modern, intense, challenging and enormously rewarding.  I had great fun designing the costumes and hope that the audience has as much fun when they see the show.” – Elizabeth Novak, Costume Designer

WHEN & WHERE:            
January 24– February 23 in The Stage Theatre
Media Night: Thursday, January 30 @ 6:30pm

PERFORMANCE DATES:                                                                       
Tuesday – Thursday                                                    6:30pm
Friday & Saturday                                                      7:30pm
Saturday & Sunday matinee                                       1:30pm
February 7 & 8                                                            8:00pm only
February 9                                                                   6:30pm only

Single tickets for Hamlet start at $35 (non-SCFD) and also are available for $10 (SCFD 10 for $10 program).  To purchase, call Denver Center Ticket Services at 303.893.4100.  For groups of 10 or more, please call 303.446.4829.  TTY (for Deaf and hard-of-hearing patrons): 303.893.9582.  Tickets also may be purchased at the Denver Center Ticket Office, located in the Helen Bonfils Theatre Complex lobby.  Buy and print online at www.denvercenter.orgStudent rush $10 tickets are available one hour prior to curtain with a valid student ID subject to availability.  Senior and military rush tickets are available one hour prior to curtain, subject to availability. No children under four will be admitted to any theatre.

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts is supported in part by the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD).  Please visit our website at

Special Event “Black & Red” | February 13, 5:30pm
Tickets to this event cost $50 (use code BLACK when purchasing) and include a complimentary beverage, bar bites, live music and a ticket to Hamlet. Call 303.446.4829 or visit

Directors Society Evening | February 19
Directors Society consists of loyal theatre patrons who want to provide support for the continued success of the Denver Center Theatre Company.  This group enjoys an 8-play Wednesday night subscription with cocktails before the show and dinner with the cast immediately following each play.  Producing Artistic Director Kent Thompson provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into each production during dinner.  For more information visit

American Sign Language Interpretation/Audio Described Performance | February 23, 1:30pm

Free discussion series.

Perspectives on the Play | January 24 at 6pm
The DCTC’s creative team provides the audience a unique perspective on the production. In The Jones Theatre.

Theatre & Theology | February 4, post-show
In a continued partnership with Pastor Dan Bollman of the Rocky Mountain Evangelical Lutheran Synod, this discussion examines the relevant connections to the productions through the theological lens.

General Talkback | February 9, post-show
Join us for a discussion with the actors from the show.

From Page to The Stage | February 11 at 12pm-1pm
Tattered Cover (2526 East Colfax Ave.)
Join John Moore as he hosts a discussion with Hamlet director Kent Thompson and cast members. Free Parking.

Talkback hosted by the Higher Education Advisory Council | February 16, post-show
Join the cast for a discussion led by members of our academic community.

For more information on CONNECT, please visit

Hamlet is sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts and is generously supported by Producing Partners Sheri & Lee Archer, Katy Atkinson, Isabelle Clark, Alan & Katie Fox, Diana & Mike Kinsey. Hamlet is part of the Denver Center Theatre Company 2013/14 season, which is supported by CBS4, Daniel L. Ritchie, Larimer Square, The Denver Post, The Steinberg Charitable Trust and Wells Fargo.  

About the Denver Center Theatre Company

The Tony Award-winning Denver Center Theatre Company, helmed by Producing Artistic Director Kent Thompson, is currently in its 35th season of offering classic, contemporary and new works to the American West.

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